Yo. What's this site about? I just got fed up with all the Cheat Sites that . . . well, suck. I know it's not so easy and maybe this site won't be any better but with your help I think it could be a LOT better. Here are my main goals: (1) make it easy to find and print hints and cheats (2) allow everyone to participate in adding and reviewing content. (3) get lots of people involved.
So let some folks know. Send emails and invite everyone. I would really like to see us put together a decent gamer/cheat site.
4 Every cheat is organized around games. You pick your gaming formatXbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC- and our search engine will only show you relevant content.
4 Once an item is reviewed, it will show its rating. As we add more content you can choose to view only stuff that's highly rated or you can comb through everything if you like.

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